RABBIT FOOD, REINVENTED That is the mantra we chose when we launched Beatrix Foods. Because, let's face it, vegan cuisine has come a long, long way in recent years. The age of sprouts and celery is long gone. And—frankly—thank God. Because that kind of stuff is boring. 

These days you're just as likely to find a Seitan sandwich worth worshipping or a cassoulet that'll make you cry. Some of the most dynamic new restaurants and inventive new chefs are plant-based in their cooking philosophy. Which is great for us and great for you, dear eater.  

So if you're a long time vegetarian or vegan, we're thrilled to bring you some fresh takes on plant-based eats. And, if you're veggie-curious, try it all and see what works. 

It's the non-vegetarians, however, that we're most eager to meet (no pun intended). We think you'll like our food as much or more than the stuff you're eating now. No, we can't replace a steak or slow-cooked BBQ, but we can bring some hard hitting flavors and fill you up with food so good you might not mind the occasion foray into the garden with us. Nothing would make us happier.